Welcome to my site. My name is Chris Macivor. I'm a 3d Artist from Montreal Canada. This site is my online portfolio and universe expanding portal to all things cool and awesome as approved by me!

Just finished illustrating my first book! www.BandhaYoga.com

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May 5 2005
-New section added.... rigging movies....new pics in rigging

May 4 2005
-New section added! CG Art
-HammerHead Desktops!! Get 'em here.

May 3 2005
-Finally an update!
-Posted some underwater videography in the photography section
-Added a past work page.....images to come

April 2 2005
-5am......Yes, allright I get it! The radio buttons are on the LEFT not the RIGHT ....I need some sleep.

April 1 2005
-Updated modeling section

March 31 2005
-Updated photography section....lotsa new undewater pics!
-Added modeling, rigging, and animation sections to 3d....content to come.

March 15 2005
-Posted my sis's site... still a work in progress
-Updated the Bio section
-Added online CV

March 14 2005
-Fixed menu performance

March 12 2005
-Found my very first website from back in grade 9!! Embarassing but you can check it out here.

March 10 2005
-Two new albums are up in the albums section.

March 8 2005
-Added some rigging screengrabs to 3d section......Check em out!
-Aslo updated index page